Product Profile
Santec SanStore iSMS Software

Santec SanStore iSMS Software

  • Supplier: Santec BW AG
  • Region: Germany
  • Updated: 2012/08/29
Product Specifications
  • The iSMS software enables you to control SanStore digital recorders by a MAC computer.

    Contrary to other MAC applications for digital recorders, the iSMS software allows you to use all functions of the SanStore recorder. This includes functions such as menu settings or making changes to it, PTZ control, search for video recordings, download of recordings and screenshots. The iSMS software extends the range of SanStore functionalities which can now also be controlled by a MAC.

    * Full control of SanStore recoreders by a MAC
    * PTZ control
    * Playback and search via a MAC
    * Backup of stored videos
    * Screenshots