Product Profile
Smart Witness Smart-I

Smart Witness Smart-I

  • Supplier: Smart Witness
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 09/14/2011
Product Specifications
  • The Smart-I is one of the world's smallest Wi-Fi cameras. It is aportable high-resolution color camera that is smaller than a golf ball and runs on batteries.

    The camera is suitable for use as a spy camera, security camera or just for having fun.

    It operates wirelessly, transmitting live video and audio directly to a Windows or Mac computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device. Users can add it to existing Wi-Fi networks and view the camera from across the world via the Internet.

    The footage can be recorded on a PC/Mac using a Web browser or on to an iPhone, iPad or Android device using the optional Smart-I AV Recorder app. For permanent power, an accessory pack is available, which allows the Smart-I to be powered by the mains or a cigarette lighter socket.

    *Operates up to 2 hours using a standard battery 
    *Power permanently using optional USB, mains or car adaptors
    *Transmits directly to an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Windows/ OS X computer both locally or over the Internet
    *Records transmitted images to Windows/OS X computers or iPhone, iPad and Android devices using the optional Smart-i app

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