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3G High definition video server

3G High definition video server

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Product Specifications
  • Function Characteristics:

    1. The unique successful adoption of Flash video compression format in China

    2. Adapt to China Mobile TD network, China Telecom C network, China Unicom W network, WIFI , cable broadband network and ADSL

    3. Support high definition resolution 1080p

    4. Self-contained independent rechargeable and replaceable lithium battery, big capacity support 3 hours continuing video upload

    5. Adapt to low bandwidth environment

    6. Coding is decoded. Play site (such as normal PC, WINDOWS MOBILE 6.1, SYMBIAN S60 and other Smartphone, etc.) does not require to download any other software or plug-in, you can directly watch the live video on webpage

    7. Support USB backup and 3G network card switch-in