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  • Features

    ? Multi Functional Record

    -Powerful, multiple Record Modes available: Manual (Continuous), Timer, and Motion Detection Recording.

    ? User friendly GUI

    -A few simple buttons for Easy control.

    ? Automatic System Recovery

    -Automatic and Complete System recovery within 10 seconds.

    ?Easy PTZ control via RS port

    -No need to use PTZ controller

    -PTZ control from remote PC

    ? Simple Network Configuration -DHCP based automatic network set-up-Easy Network Configuration from Dynamic IP to Dynamic IP

    ? MPEG-4 Algorithm Compression

    -The most advanced compression available today.

    ? Multiple Video Display

    -Support CCTV monitor or TV and High resolution video display by VGA monitor-Important Image automatic display by spot monitor.

    ? Flexible Networking -Support TCP/IP and Remote Control on all DVR features-Up to 10 users can remote access simultaneously.

    ? Internet Explorer

    -Up to 10 users can remote access simultaneously.

    ? Easy Data Playback in any PC

    -Back Up data convertible to AVI file format.

    ? Back UP

    -DVD R/W, CD R/W, External HDD, Stick memory, and through network access.

    ? Jog/Shuttle

    -Frame by frame playback/playback / Control the playback speed for both forward and reverse by turning the shuttle to left or right.