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GE StreetLab Mobile
GE StreetLab Mobile
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Product Specifications
  • StreetLab Mobile's breakthrough technology can identify chemical and biological substances in one handheld Raman spectroscopy instrument. Rugged, yet ergonomic and lightweight, StreetLab Mobile reliably identifies liquids, powders and solids in a single step without sample destruction or subjective interpretation.

    Designed with input from hazmat technicians, StreetLab Mobile is ergonomically optimized for ease-of-use in Level A gear, with large buttons, straightforward on-board LCD screen readouts, joystick function and "point-and-shoot" operation. Utilizing Raman spectroscopy, StreetLab Mobile identifies substances based on their molecular structure. Raman spectroscopy permits samples to be analyzed nondestructively and can be used to identify a wide range of substances, including toxic industrial chemicals, explosives and narcotics. Unlike chemical tests, results are repeatable and completed in a single operation.

    Equipped with a near-infrared laser, StreetLab Mobile analyzes frequency shifts in the light scattered off a sample to recognize the "spectral fingerprint" of a substance, even those dissolved in water or other liquids.

    Key Features
    * Easy to operate: Joystick controls enable one-hand operation
    * Ergonomic design and optimized balance allows for stable handle or hands-free analysis
    * Five-hour operational battery life, even at extreme temperatures
    * Extensive and expandable libraries allow for a range of identification needs
    * Automatic calibration assures accuracy
    * Sample through glass, plastic, transparent and translucent materials
    * Point-and-shoot configuration for analysis in original sample container