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ST-RH1605 Multitask Series DVR

ST-RH1605 Multitask Series DVR

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Product Specifications
  • Multitask real time H.264 Standalone DVR


    ST-RH0405/0805/1605 4/8/16 channel matrix and audio/video model


    H.264 video compression standard.

    Linux real time operation system, with versatile working mode , superb network transmission capacity, and high stability.

    DVI\VGA\HDMI\CVBS video output mode supported, the highest resolution is 1920X1080, can satisfy different customers.

    Manual recording, Scheduled recording, timed recording, alarm triggered recording and motion detection triggered recording supported, 30 seconds pre-recording supported

    Classified data elimination management supported (to extend important level video file duration),video file duration period management.

    Multi channel playback same time, time line display, calendar file display, event search link play, one key to playback, channel shifting, fast forward/fast backward/ single frame playback supported.

    Backup by USB, SATA, DVD-write, network etc, and background supported

    16 users in 2 grades management supported, super user management mode can control authorization of each channel.

    Log information output function supported, device parameter setting and PTZ protocol file import and export function supported.

    Alarm output triggered snapshot at the pictures, and send to appointed E-mail Supported.

    Graphic interface operation, multi language menu and menu remarking function supported.

    TCP/IP, PPPOE, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, SNTP, NTP, RTP/PTCP/RTSP network protocol supported.

    NVMS4.X Central Management Software supplied to configuration, preview, playback, management, and IE exploring supported.


    System High performance embedded processor

    Linux 2.6 operating system

    I/O interface  

    Video input 4/8/16channel BNC: 1Vp-p, 75Ω

    Audio input 4/8/16channel RCA: 2Vp-p, 600Ω

    Main monitor support DVI-I, VGA

    It can be as the HDMI interface by external converter.

    Support HD display: 1920x1080P, 1440x960, 1280x1024, 1024x768

    CALL Monitor 4 BNC: 1Vp-p, 75Ω,

    Multi-partition view mode,

    Support alarm information overlay,

    16x4 Matrix output(1、4、9、16 split), support cyclic switched display.

    Audio output 1channel RCA, 2Vp-p, 600Ω

    USB inerface USB2.0 HighSpeed, both on the front

    RS232 1

    PTZ RS422 1

    Keyboard RS485 1

    Line in 1RCA, 2Vp-p, 600Ω

    Network interface RJ45 10/100/1000M self-adaptive

    Alarm input 16 channel NO/NC

    Alarm output 8 channel NO/NC

    Power +12V/+5V 1A

    SATA interface 8 SATA port

    (RH0405 only support 4 SATA)


    Video H.264

    Video standards PAL/NTSC/SECAM

    Video compression resolution PAL: 352×288(CIF), 704×576(D1)

    NTSC: 352×240(CIF), 704×480(D1)

    Frame rate D1 25F/S/CH(PAL)、30F/S/CH(NTSC)

    Video output bit rate 32kbps-4096kbps

    Sub code resolution CIF: 352×288(PAL)/ 352×240(NTSC)

    Sub code rate CIF, frame rate: 1-15fps,

    output bit rate: 32kbps-400kbps

    Preview resolution PAL: 704×576(D1), horizontal line500, vertical line450

    playback resolution PAL: 352×288(CIF), horizontal line300, vertical line250

    PAL: 704×576(D1), horizontal line450, vertical line300

    Playback fucution support 4/8/16 chanel video/audio playback simultaneously.

    fast forwadmode, slow forward mode, single frame forward and fast backwards supported.

    Fast forward mode, slow forward mode, single frame forward and fast backwards supported.

    Playback speed Support 1x, 8x, 16x speed of fast forward mode、fast backwards


    Audio G.726/G.711

    Input/output sampling rate 8KHz

    Audio channel mono

    Sampling bit 16bit

    Data rate 24kbps/64kbps

    Storage devices  

    Hard disk 8 SATA port, 8 SATA HDD up to 2T supported (RH0405 only support 4 SATA)

    Backup Multiple backup modes: USB flash disk, USB mobile hard disk, and DVD-RW supported.

    CD/DVD-RW external USB CD/DVD-RW、built-in SATA CD/DVD-RW

    Main functions  

    Working mode Real Pentaplex working mode (control, preview, record, playback, backup, networking avilable at the same time)

    Preview mode Combinatorial display model can be customized

    support up to 6 VGA split combinatorial at 1920x1080(FULL HD 1080P) resolution, up to 4 VGA split combinatorial at 1280x1024 resolution.

    Automatically optimize combinatorial mode Based on display resolution.

    16x4 matrix display.

    Support for DVI \ D-SUB (VGA) \ HDMI \ BNC (CVBS) four display interface. Tour supports automatic rotation sequence and segmentation models.

    Cyclic switched display support same or different split mode.

    Record mode A variety of record modes: Manual, Schedule, Motion Detection, Alarm.

    Support 30 seconds Pre-record.

    The minimum length of record is 30 minutes.

    The attributes of record are resolution, frame rate, quality, Streaming type.

    The streaming file system supports divided group mangement (To lengthen the survival time of important record)

    The survival time of record can be customized.

    HDD is hot-swappable.

    Playback mode Support 4/8/16 chanel video/audio playback simultaneously.

    Support the display of playback status on the playback screen.

    Whether (or not) having record can be showed in calendar.

    Event search link player.

    Support using one button to switch between channels.

    Support using one button to switch preview and playback.

    Backup mode Support USB and SATA devices backup.

    Backup task can be background.

    Backup files can be played in the local devices.

    The type of backup files can be played by general popular player.

    Network control The IE and NVMS4.X Client Application Software are provided for remote configuration, video browse, local recording, local and remote playback, and remote PTZ control.

    FTP, NTP, SMTP protocol supported.

    Support reserving alarm information via email.

    Device management Function of Software can be customized online to fix different needs.

    The devices configuration importing and exporting supported.

    PTZ protocols document importing and exporting supported.

    Accout management Double type account and 16 users supported.

    The operation rights of Admin (all rights contained) can be customized for each channel.

    Log Support the exporting of log.

    Alarm management ALRAM IN N/0&N/C SUPPORT, ALRAM IN TRIGGER RECORDING、PTZ PRESET、ALARM OUT, alarm trigger crawl pictures which can be send to the specific user e-mail address

    Alarm input N/O. & N/C. supported.

    Trigger recording, PTZ preset, alarm output and trigger Capturing Pic supported.

    The alarm Pic can be sent to specific user via email.

    Self-recovery The devices can automatic restart when the master or codec devices are on the wrong condition, and record the error code to the log.

    User interface  

    WEB The Web Client is provided for remote configuration, video browse, playback.

    Center management Support devices registration, the device heart beat information, alarm subscribe

    Client The Client Application Software is provided for remote configuration, video browse, playback.

    TELNET Support TELNET-based devices management.

    GUI Support GUI operation accompanying notes.

    Support multiple languages.

    Multiple control methods: mouse, IR remote controller, front panel and keyboard.

    Network protocol  

    PPPOE Support PPPOE client

    DHCP Support DHCP client

    IP/TCP/UDP IPv4, TCP/UDP and RTP/RTCP/RTSP protocol supported.

    DNS/DDNS Support DYNDNS, 3322

    Available SMTP、NTP

    Device communication protocol RTSP protocol, RTP / RTCP media transport protocol and HTTP + XML control protocol supported.

    Protocol stack dynamic loading supported.

    Network ability Delay time of 32 channel (each one 2Mbps) stream transmission is less than 500ms on LAN.


    Functional and performance standards GB20815-2006 II A level (professionnal)

    Securtity certification FCC Class B, CE, CCC

    Voltage range AC 100-240V

    Operating Temperature 0℃-+50℃

    Operating Humidity 10%~90%RH

    Power Consumption RH1605 < 30W (without harddisk)

    Function LED Alarm red; network connecting green; hard drive accessing green; Copying green (CD/DVD writing and USB backup); playing the green; fault indication red.

    Power LED Red

    Channel LED Red when recording; Green when non-recording; Orange when event trigger recording

    Model Comparisons:

    Model NO. Video Input Compression Format Audio Input Alarm Input Alarm Output

    ST-RH0405 4 D1 4 4 4

    ST-RH0805 8 D1 8 8 8

    ST-RH1605 16 D1 16 16 8