Product Profile
AS&E Sentry Portal Cargo Inspection System
AS&E Sentry Portal Cargo Inspection System
  • Supplier: American Science and Engineering (AS&E)
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 09/07/2009
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Product Specifications
  • Using a high-energy transmission X-ray source, the Sentry Portal provides high-penetration into inspected objects up to 300 mm (12-inch) of steel with unsurpassed image quality and a throughput of up to 150 trucks per hour. It delivers a reliable means for detecting threatening materials, weapons, and contraband hidden in cargo containers, tankers, and large vehicles while maintaining the flow of commerce.

    The technology behind the Sentry Portal allows the beam to penetrate dense objects while minimizing the amount of scattered radiation. Employing technology to avoid scanning the cab, a container-locating subsystem ensures safe drive-through operation so that the driver is never exposed to high energy X-rays. The subsystem "informs" the X-ray source when the leading edge of the container reaches the beam plane within milliseconds and the X-ray beam is switched on. The safety of the drivers and operators is maintained with a robust safety system and very low ambient radiation dose.

    * High throughput of up to 150 trucks per hour
    * High-energy X-ray source for high penetration and unsurpassed image quality to detect contraband and weapons
    * Low-radiation dosage makes the system safe for drivers, operators and cargo