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Hymatom MoviWall Outdoor Intrusion Detection
Hymatom MoviWall Outdoor Intrusion Detection
  • Supplier: Hymatom
  • Region: France
  • Updated: 08/13/2009
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Product Specifications
  • The system is equipped with an active, video-analytic column and a test pattern column with IR LEDs. The video-analytic column contains a video camera equipped with a special filter, which visualizes through a set of swiveling mirrors. Every single intrusion hides differently one or several images of the contrast test pattern column according to the mirror height. The detection zone is uninterrupted (more than 500 consecutive layers) up to 3 meters in height. Thanks to the high density of layers, the system measures precisely the breach by triangulation, including qualifying the breach (dimensions and location), choosing a threshold alarm (according to the dimensions and size of the breach) and discriminating false alarms. The alarm thresholds are simply configured via a Web page (by minimal breach size or breach duration).

    The system constitutes a virtual IR wall which locates precisely each point. It is perfectly suitable for perimeter surveillance of sensitive sites, thanks to its high outdoor-detection range, its resistance to all environmental conditions and its ability to detect intrusion on a nonsmooth terrain.

    Key Features:
    * Total detection wall with more than 500 consecutive layers
    * Precise location and qualification of the breach by triangulation
    * A cost-saving system with little wiring and civil engineering
    * Embedded, IP-based discrimination of false alarms
    * Precise GUI to display the intrusion