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BioAxs 9800 IR Iris and Fingerprint Recognition System
BioAxs 9800 IR Iris and Fingerprint Recognition System
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 03/09/2007
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Product Specifications
  • The BioAxs IR system employs the two strongest biometrics, fingerprint and iris, to ensure only authorized individuals gain access to protected areas. On board text display and audio prompts maximize usability. Best in class biometric sensors and algorithms have been integrated for the most robust physical access solution available.

    Flexible System Configuration

    The BioAxs 9800 IR system can be configured as an ¨and〃 system that requires both biometrics to be verified for access to be granted. The BioAxs 9800 IR can also be configured as an ¨or〃 system that allows users to authenticate either their iris or their fingerprint.

    Threat Level Scalability

    The BioAxs IR is an excellent choice for applications that need authentication requirements to increase or decrease based on the current terrorist threat level. Department of Homeland Security Threat Advisory Levels, Department of Defense Force Protection Levels, and customizable templates are included. Requirements for each threat level are user definable. For example, using DoD Force Protection Levels, a possible configuration would be:

    FPCON Alpha: CAC only

    FPCON Bravo: CAC plus Fingerprint

    FPCON Charlie: CAC plus Fingerprint plus Iris

    FPCON Delta: CAC plus Fingerprint plus Iris plus PIN

    Stand Alone Capability

    The 9800 is capable of functioning as a ¨stand alone〃 device and will open magnetic locks or strike plates, handle request to exit buttons, and accept fire alarm shunts. The 9800 comes standard with an onboard proprietary door controller board. NextgenID''s powerful Command Center Software allows for complex granting of access privileges. Users can be granted access to a particular door during defined days and/or hours. User Groups can be created to assign the same door privileges to a large group of users (i.e., Lab A Technicians). All door events are accompanied by pictures and are logged for easy searching, viewing and reporting.

    Integrates with Existing Access Controllers

    The 9800 can act like a traditional reader on an existing access control system and will pass card reader output to the access controller via Wiegand protocol.

    Weatherproof Design

    The BioAxs 9700 is available in a weatherproofed model that can operate in most outdoor conditions. Down pour conditions make fingerprint authentication extremely difficult as a user not carrying an umbrella will be unable to sufficiently wipe his or her finger semi-dry before authenticating. Fingerprint readers cannot read prints through a significant layer of water. For unhindered performance, BioStation Outdoor mounting or a commercial awning will provide the necessary ¨dry zone〃 for users to wipe the moisture from their finger. Obviously, users prefer the amenity of an outdoor authentication spot protected from the elements. It is also available in an XTRM Model that can operate at temperatures from -40c to +60c.

    Flexible System Architecture

    Both the hardware and software architecture of our system is designed to be extremely flexible. If you would like to enhance an existing card swipe or proximity card system with a BioAxs 9800, we are able to accept the readerˇs information in standard card reader format via 26 bit or 28 bit Wiegand or RS232. Embedded versions of the above technology are also available. If you have a particular sensor or algorithm, we are happy to incorporate them whenever possible (although such a change may effect the pricing and delivery date of our system, so please call for a quote).

    Mounting Options

    The BioAxs 9800 is available in flush or surface mount designs. The BioAxs 9800 is also available in NextgenIDˇs BioStation integrated lighting solution. The BioStation lights the userˇs face from three positions to provide a uniform, ideally lit facial image for recognition.

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