Product Profile
OKI MK67Q5250 Compact Fingerprint Authentication Module
OKI MK67Q5250 Compact Fingerprint Authentication Module
  • Supplier: OKI Semiconductor
  • Region: Japan
  • Updated: 08/03/2009
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Product Specifications
  • Features:
    * All necessary fingerprint authentication functions implemented on a compact, postage stamp-sized board
    Outer dimensions:
    Screw-fastened type: 25.4mm x 36.86mm x 4.0mm
    Set-in type: 25.4mm x 22.86mm x 4.0mm
    * AuthenTec AES2510 slide sensor
    * High-performance fingerprint authentication processing
    DFT methodNote 4 (by Precise Biometrics) fingerprint authentication algorithm adopted
    High-speed authentication time: within 0.8 seconds (one-on-one authentication)
    High authentication accuracy: FARNote 5 (false acceptance rate) < 0.001%, FRRNote 6 (false rejection rate) < 1.0%
    * Number of fingers registerable in the built-in flash memory: 15 (standard), to be expanded to 45 (September 2009)
    * Security function which prohibits illegal fingerprint data reading
    * Wide variety of external interfaces: USB, SPI, UART, Smartcard I/F, GPIO
    * Two power supply types; 5V and 3.3V single power supplies
    * Shipment scheduled for October 2009
    * Sample price (reference): 9,000 yen