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EL-2603 wireless smoke detector
EL-2603 wireless smoke detector
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Product Specifications
  • The EL-2603 is a wireless photoelectric smoke detector and transmitter for early detection of the presence of smoke. The EL-2603 sends a status transmission to the receiver every hour to indicate that the transmitter is functional.

    Technical specifications: Power 9V Alkaline Battery

    Current Consumption 30mA (transmission), 20冚A (standby)

    Antenna Built-in Internal Whip

    Transmitter Frequency 868.35, 433.92 or 418MHz FM

    Transmissions Alarm, Low Battery, Supervision

    RFI Immunity 40V/m

    Operating Temperature 0 - 60oC

    Dimensions L-65mm x W-30mm x H-16mm