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VF2001 Ionization Smoke Sensor
VF2001 Ionization Smoke Sensor
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 04/09/2007
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Product Specifications
  • A single radioactive source ionizes two chambers which causes a small DC current to flow between the electrodes in each chamber. Smoke can freely enter the outer chamber while the inner chamber is virtually sealed to smoke. Smoke entering the outer chamber causes a reduction in the DC current, the imbalance between the two chambers is proportional to the smoke density. The two chamber design is utilized to compensate for changes in atmospheric and environmental conditions. When the sensed input value exceeds a predetermined threshold, an interrupt is issued

    to the control panel indicating a fire alarm.

    The fire alarm control panel can adjust the sensor threshold to compensate for contamination. Up to 127 devices are permitted on each loop. A sensor address can be set by a hand held programming unit.

    The sensor mounts to an electronics free base and incorporates a locking mechanism for secure installation.

    The base provides mounting slots, terminals for field wiring and a third contact for a remote indicator/LED.

    The sensor incorporates dual LED''s for easy viewing of sensor status.

    After addressing, Ionization Smoke Sensors are fully configurable through eSP downloading or eSP Transfer


     Low Profile - Only 2.22" high, including base.

     Simple and reliable device addressing method.

     Very low current consumption using the unique "Low Power Mode".

     Automatic compensation for sensor contamination.

     Built in fire test feature.

     Uses the noise immune Digital Communication Protocol (DCP), which utilizes interrupts for fast response to fires.

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