Product Profile
Protector Group BS8418 Trailer Camera

Protector Group BS8418 Trailer Camera

  • Supplier: Protector Group
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 02/10/2011
Product Specifications
  • BS8418 compliant, portable, vandal resistant and secure, the patented Lewis trailer system consists of four Norbain-supplied Redvision Dome cameras, mounted on 8m tall columns. One column is permanently mounted to the trailer's chassis, whilst the remaining three are unloaded on-site and placed up to 120m apart to form a comprehensive surveillance area large enough to cover all short-term CCTV applications. Accompanied by Redwall movement detection technology, images are archived within the trailer's chassis via onboard Teleprecision transmission and recording units.

    The trailer's high-resolution live and recorded camera images can be remotely monitored via 3G/WiFi/IP connectivity, or if required, via an 'on-site' control room, switching to off-site remote monitoring during out-of-hours periods.