Product Profile
ISS CitySync Jet RoadRunner Commander

ISS CitySync Jet RoadRunner Commander

  • Supplier: Image Sensing Systems
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/02/06
Product Specifications
  • The RoadRunner Commander is a robust mobile Automatic Number Plate Recognition System designed for vehicle or temporary fixed site use.

    Rapidly deployed in minutes, the Commander will read plates from up to four lanes of fast moving traffic simultaneously. Designed to be used by field operators for information gathering and enforcement, the unit has full real-time database and multiple hot-list matching with alarm processing.

    The casing is built to military standards and is completely sealed to prevent infiltration from rain or dust. The units are designed to survive 15G accelerations and 1 metre drops. In addition the RoadRunner can operate in temperatures of 0°C to 55°C.

    The unit offers low power consumption and heat generation giving improved battery operating life whilst the 14.1" sunlight readable LCD allows the unit to be used outside of vehicles.

    Communication with base is simple using the internal GPS/GPRS/GSM module or the optional 802.11b compliant wireless card.

    * Self Contained ANPRComputer
    * Compact & Portable
    * Rugged Construction
    * IP54 Rated
    * Runs on internal 97 Whr battery
    * Rapid Deployment
    * 12v Operation from vehicle
    * BNC Plugs to 4 ALPR cameras
    * GPS / GSM / GPRS Capability
    * Wi-Fi Option
    * LAN / USB / Serial / Parallel Ports
    * Infra Red Connectivity
    * Daylight Readable Screen
    * Water and Dust Proof
    * Dual Front Speakers
    * Specially Designed User-Interface
    * Illuminated Rubber Keyboard