Product Profile
AtHoc IWSAlerts Unified Mass Notification System

AtHoc IWSAlerts Unified Mass Notification System

  • Supplier: AtHoc
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/06/05
Product Specifications
  • AtHoc IWSAlerts transforms your IP network into a comprehensive, end-to-end emergency notification system, unifying all communication modalities. Using a single, web-based console or smartphone/tablet, emergency managers can communicate 2-way alerts across the entire enterprise to virtually any device with real-time speed and assured reach. The AtHoc solution removes complexities, streamlining information when and where you need it, accelerating crisis response and resolution, saving lives.

    * Unified Notification via Redundant channels for assured mass reach
    * Real-Time, Two-Way Communication for Situational Analysis
    * Enterprise-Class for Security, Continuity of Operations and Efficiency
    * Regulatory Compliance
    * Sensor/Event Detection for Security and Process Automation
    * Role / Permissions Based Access
    * User Data Maintenance