Product Profile
Protea Coin Assets-in-Transit

Protea Coin Assets-in-Transit

  • Supplier: Protea Coin Group
  • Region: Southern Africa
  • Updated: 2012/12/22
Product Specifications
  • * Cash Transportation – daily banking and deposit services
    * Valuable Assets Transportation – jewellery, etc.
    * Cash Management for Banking and Retail customers – bulk cash movements, bank agency movements, coin and change management
    * Payroll Services – wage packet preparations
    * ATM Management – cash availability, replenishment, reconciliation and maintenance
    * Secure Storage – safe custody, vaulting, document and confidential shredding
    * Pension Services – Payout of Pensions
    * Cross Pavement Carrier – Combination of smoke and liquid dye, Accredited by SARB, Complete dye staining ability to all notes
    * Trans Track and Trace System – Replaces manual receipting process, tracking of all tamper evident bags and other equipment

    Transportation is undertaken with the support of state-of-the-art technology and custom designed armoured vehicles. Vehicles such as the UMKHULU, IMPI, UMFAAN and Cabstar are meticulously hand built and armour protected to NATO standards.

    The vehicle’s on-board security management systems boast features such as interlocking vaults, camera surveillance, pepper gas, quick set foam, run-flat tyres and a fully armoured driver capsule and crew compartment.