Product Profile
Leader Security Banking Service

Leader Security Banking Service

  • Supplier: Leader Security
  • Region: Australia
  • Updated: 2012/12/22
Product Specifications
  • Take the worry and risk out of going to the bank and free up valuable time. This service pays for itself with the time to save when they do the banking for customers. As banks downsize their teller operations and close branches,customers may have to travel further to do customers' banking. Not only does this mean customers have less time to concentrate on customers' business, customers are also at a greater risk of snatch and grab attacks, assaults and bodily injury.

    The security banking service is a complete solution to customers' time management, workers compensation and insurance problems. The service includs:

    * insure your cash
    * collect your banking at a time that suits you
    * deliver your banking to a branch you nominate or to your head office
    * collect and return your petty cash, coins or important documents from your bank
    * return bank books to you on the same day