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Inlayed Grid Lamp
Inlayed Grid Lamp
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Product Specifications
  • 1- Item No.:JIGL004-10

    2- Lamp source:High Efficient LED

    3- Max Wattage:10W

    4- Voltage:90VAC~260VAC 50Hz/60Hz

    5- Color temperature:5000k~6000k

    6- Beam angle: LED80

    7- Protection Class:IP20

    8- Electronic Safety Standard:CLASS 1

    9- Executive Standard:IEC598

    Material and advantages:

    - Lamp frame is die-casting aluminum alloy with all fasteners stainless steel

    - We use high-efficient LED to make lights energy-saving,environment-protecting and long life-time.

    - We use alternative switch power supplier to change the voltage,ensuring LED work routinely and extend life-time.

    - We use antisepticise silicon closed ring to make lights dustproof..

    - You also can choose Spread-light type(LED80),or Spot-light type(LED40)

    Scope of application:

    - Cabaret, market, exhibition hall, office, etc

    - Please find the exact parameters on "Products Specification