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Pima Hunter-Pro Intruder Alarm System Version 6.36

Pima Hunter-Pro Intruder Alarm System Version 6.36

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Product Specifications
  • An updated firmware version of its advanced HUNTER-PRO system, the expandable hybrid intruder alarm system that supports up to 144 zones both for domestic and commercial use.

    HUNTER-PRO system version 6.36 supports an iPhone app, which controls most of the basic user operation functions, including arming/disarming, reviewing zones status, reading event log and controlling home appliances. This mobile app enables users to easily and efficiently control their security system remotely from their iPhone.

    1. Enabling RD-200, a standalone Proximity reader: Featuring an internal tamper switch the RFID reader can be used to easily arm/disarm the system.

    2. Remote programming via TCP-IP: This feature allows the end-user to remotely establish connection with the installer via the system to request support.

    The installer is now able to remotely program the alarm system as well as provide support via TCP-IP using PIMA's COMAX PC application, with neither having to channel it via the CMS nor being connected to one.

    3. Panel Remote Control (PRC): This new application is designed to provide service to unmanned sites such as ATM's and Cellular Relay Stations as it enables the CMS to remotely arm/disarm the alarm system and/or check its status, without disclosing the user code to the technician in the field. Additionally, every change in the system's status is logged for maximum security.