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TMS320C647x high performance DSP
TMS320C647x high performance DSP
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Product Specifications
  • * (3) integrated C64x+ cores running at 1 GHz each on a single die
    * 3 GHz of raw DSP performance
    * 24,000 MMACS (16-bit) in measured performance
    * 100% code compatible with TI's single core DSPs based on C64x or C64x+ cores
    * TI's SmartReflex technology reduces device power consumption by tweaking the core voltage once the chip is integrated into the system.
    * Serializer/deserializer (SERDES) interfaces
    * SGMII Ethernet MAC (EMAC)
    * Antennae Interface (AIF)
    * Serial Rapid I/O (SRIO)
    * 32-kB of both L1 program and L1 data memory per core
    * TI's fastest DDR2 memory interface running at 667 MHz on the chip