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Southwest Microwave Intrepid System Controllers

Southwest Microwave Intrepid System Controllers

  • Supplier: MFNE
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  • Updated: 2015/06/25
Product Specifications
  • · The INTREPID™ Graphic Control Module II-HD (GCM II-HD) is a dedicated, Linux-based graphic system controller designed to provide large or multi-site facilities with local GUI-based alarm monitoring and control of INTREPID™ Series II devices, contactclosure auxiliary security devices and CCV equipment.

    · The GCM II-HD is supplied as a self-contained module, including system hardware and application software with graphic mapping capabilities for robust system configuration and management.

    ·The GCM II-HD features a user-friendly GUI that allows system operators to efficiently manage their facility’s perimeter security program by incorporating a high-resolution site map to display detection zones and active icons representing each system device.

    · The GCM II-HD functions as system Pollmaster - polling all INTREPID™ devices connected to its Communications port for status. When an intrusion attempt is detected from any INTREPID™ device or auxiliary input, its precise location is displayed on the graphic map and a command is issued to the appropriate output(s).