Product Profile
Tongli TL-R8016 D1 Real-time H.264 DVR
Tongli TL-R8016 D1 Real-time H.264 DVR
  • Supplier: Tongli Information Technology
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 03/18/2010
  • Click Frequency: 1333
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Product Specifications
  • Features
    * 8-, 16-ch D1 series H.264 DVR, record, playback, network all D1 resolution
    * Adopts most powerful encode chip in industry with one chip 8-ch D1 encoding
    * Supports mobile phone monitoring
    * Supports 1000G network, embedded WEB access, support HTTP/SMTP/FTP/DDNS/DHCP/PPPOE/NAT
    * Supports 8 SATA disks, 2TB each can be supported