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Fujifilm Clearvision FVR-100 NVR
Fujifilm Clearvision FVR-100 NVR
  • Supplier: Fujifilm Corporation
  • Region: Japan
  • Updated: 07/07/2009
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Product Specifications
  • The Clearvision FVR-100 NVR is equipped with two RAID1, 500-GB hard disks that allow images to be stored at higher level of compression, rendering file size 1/160 of M-JPEG and 1/8 of H.264. The NVR is capable of recording for roughly 160,000 hours (VGA input at 1 fps) without additional hard disks. With six cameras connected to a system and shooting 24 hours a day, it can store recorded images for more than three years. Additionally, it compresses and records the entire image area, enabling all objects to be easily identified on a replay screen.

    The FVR-100 incorporates "congestion analysis," which graphically displays the degree of congestion of the shooting area. It can be effectively used not only for surveillance but also daily marketing analysis in distribution and retail businesses because changes in congestion can be checked both in real time and playback. It also has an intelligent search function to instantly find requested scenes of passing individuals without sifting through enormous amounts of data, and greatly reduces the time required for search or confirmation of recorded images.

    * 160,000 hours of recording time; intelligent compression and video analysis
    * Congestion analysis that displays degrees of congestion
    * Operates on Microsoft Internet Explorer
    * Intelligent search function supported