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Sonavation SonicSlide STS3000
Sonavation SonicSlide STS3000
  • Supplier: Sonavation
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 06/06/2009
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Product Specifications
  • The SonicSlide STS3000 is the thinnest fingerprint sensor for the wireless and smart card markets. It uses a patented ultrasound technology comparable to that used in medical applications, resulting in significantly improved fingerprint imaging. The sensor eliminates the electrostatic discharge issues that have hampered the incorporation of semiconductor-based sensors into notebook PCs, cellular phones and other consumer electronics. The SonicSlide STS3000 is capable of withstanding more than 10 million swipes and uses less power, enabling applications that are not currently addressed within the commercial biometric industry.

    The SonicSlide STS3000 is designed with a ZIF interconnect scheme for easy integration into mobile handset platforms and is compatible with the Symbian, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Android mobile operating systems.

    · High accuracy based on ultrasound imaging technology
    · Constructed of polymers used to build commercial aircraft wings
    · Sensing element: 3 mm long, by 14 mm wide, by 0.1 mm thick
    · Ability to withstand more than 10 million swipes