Product Profile
Enai Systems Solid

Enai Systems Solid

  • Supplier: Enai Systems
  • Region: Netherlands
  • Updated: 03/25/2009
Product Specifications
  • Enai Systems’ Solid delivers a multifunctional event-management system that monitors, processes and guarantees the correct response and control.

    The power lies in bundling information streams. This is presented in a uniform manner so that its interpretation is unambiguous. Solid ensures the right response and associated communications, and provides unambiguous interpretation and communication. You can respond appropriately to an event, saving considerable time and money.

    Solid can bundle, operate, control, monitor and administer all these systems from a central location. Administration is simple and can be carried out from any PC. It is also transparent. You only get the information you need. This improves the response and appraisal capacity of your staff and users.

    Solid offers complete flexibility and the option of logging in from your existing network. Different users can guarantee the desired service locally or from a remote location. Solid can be used from one management platform, thereby improving communications and cooperation.

    Key Features

    • Market-compliant standards
    • Multi-protocol and universal solution
    • Modular and scalable
    • Multiple languages
    • Use of time zones