Product Profile
Vumii Discoverii 3000

Vumii Discoverii 3000

  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 12/16/2008
Product Specifications
  • Discoverii represents Vumii's day/night vision technology platform that combines an innovative, near infra-red, continuous-wave(CW) laser illumination beam with an automatically synchronized CCD imager enabling unsurpassed details and clarity at night while leveraging the same optics capabilities during the day.This versatile surveillance assessment tool delivers high resolution, continuous zoomable, glass penetrating, natural contrast video in any lighting condition, including zero light.Vumii has released multiple Discoverii models to address different magnification and range requirements for border, perimeter, and investigative surveillance applications. Discoverii's hardware and software architecture enable rapid integration with many related technologies including: intrusion sensors, thermal imaging sensors, ground and marine radars, and access control points.


    * Human Detection: Day-10,000 meters      Night-3,000 meters
    * Human Recognition:Day-2,500 meters     Night-2,500 meters
    * Human Identification: Day-1,000 meters   Night-1,000 meters
    * Range at which 1.8 meter human represents 10% of video screen: Day-5,158 meters Night-5,158 meters
    * Range at which 1.8 meter human represents 20% of video screen:Day-2,579 meters  Night-2,579 meters
    * Range at which 1.8 meter human represents 30% of video screen:Day-1,720 meters Night-1,720 meters
    * Continuous optical zoom:Day-60x (12.5mm-750mm)or (25mm-1500mm)  
    Night-60x (12.5mm-750mm) or (25mm-1500mm)

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