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Central Monitoring Station Software
Central Monitoring Station Software
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Product Specifications
  • Since 1994, Conwin had released the first DOS central monitoring station software in China market, and then we acquired multiple series of Windows central monitoring station software production lines, including the stand-alone version of Kingson Center, multilevel network Skynet Center, urban large network Super Skynet Center, provincial ultra large network Skyeye Center.

    Conwin central monitoring station software is the largest specialized alarm monitoring software of China''s market share. It is compatible with all leading brand of alarm receivers such as Honeywell 685/FE100, DS6600/6500, DSC systemII/III, Sur-guard, Conwin alarm receiving card ACR2000, FBI cp220, GE OH2000, etc. It has the advanced features of e-map platform, multimedia operation platform, auto process template technology, display board, fuzzy inquiry and statistics, etc.


    Kingson Center

    Skynet Center

    Super Skynet Center

    Skyeye Center

    Main application fields

    >> Economic stand-alone alarm monitoring station

    >> Medium urban central monitoring station

    >> Large urban central monitoring station

    >> Large or medium factory and mine central monitoring station

    >> Large or medium residential community central monitoring station

    >> Large or medium chain super market/ shopping center central monitoring station

    >> 

    Optional Modules

    Alarm Receiving Card

    Conwin Alarm Receiving Card is the device used in the small size central monitoring station. The card in installed in the computer directly and can be connected with 4 public phone lines. It is used with Conwin central monitoring software (Kingson Center/ Skynet Center/ Super Skynet Center) to receive various of alarm messages from control panels. So it reaches a full functional central station and greatly cuts the system cost.

    Conwin Alarm Receiving Card is a plug-and-use device with PCI interface. It runs in the operating system WINDOWS 2000 or later with high processing speed and stability. A high-reliable monitoring station can be easy to establish while applying it in the famous brand or industrial computer. The card adopts high effect DSP technology, it supports the communication protocols of ADEMCO CONTACT ID, ADEMCO 4+1/2 EXPRESS, high speed, low speed, etc. And it supports the incoming telegram display of FSK and DTMF modes that the incoming telephone number can be displayed while receiving alarm.


    ACR2000 Alarm Receiving Card

    Supports 2 public phone lines (Model ACR2000)

    ACR4000 Alarm Receiving Card

    Supports 4 public phone lines (Model ACR4000) Expandable to 8 lines

    Communication formats

    ADEMCO CONTACT ID, ADEMCO 4+1/2 EXPRESS, high speed, low speed, etc


    Standard PCI interface


    Supports and compatible with FSK and DTMF incoming telegram display modes (CID)

    In DTMF mode, usually the telecom bureau only sends the calling phone number, and usually in FSK mode, the date, time and calling number will be sent.

    System requirement


    586 processor or faster

    A free PCI socket

    64M RAM or more

    20G available disk space

    Operating system:

    MS WINDOWS professional 2000 or later

    Note: ensure your computer does not overclock the external frequency.

    Message notification module

    Messaging the client when then central monitoring station receives alarm message.


    Transmission power: Class 4 (2W)/(EGSM), Class 1(1W)/(1800MHz, 1900MHz)

    Communication interface: RS232-M

    Operating voltage: 9VDC∮10%

    Standby current: 40mA

    Operating current: 300mA

    Operating temperature: -15°+75

    Dimension: 100mm* 90mm* 22mm