Product Profile
VELOCITY Security Management System
VELOCITY Security Management System
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Product Specifications
  • *InteroperabilityXML/API Enabled

    *AES (Rijndael) Encryption Options

    *DVR Interface

    *Optimized for Windows


    *MS SQL Server Database

    - Runtime version included

    *Multi-Monitor Support

    *Controller Communications

    - TCP/IP (AES with SNIB2)

    - Serial Port

    - Dial-in/Dial-out

    *Dynamic Status Viewer with Control

    *Dynamic Graphic Objects

    - For Status, Alarm & Control

    - By Point or By Zone

    - Imported Map Drawings

    *Photo Capture, Photo Badging and

    *Photo Call-Up

    *User Configurable GUI

    *International Language Options

    *Controller Firmware in Flash ROM

    *Online Diagnostics

    *Scheduling Wizard

    *Email Alarm and Event Notification

    *Data Import/Export Wizard