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Diebold LINX Predator Elite government security solution

Diebold LINX Predator Elite government security solution

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Product Specifications
  • The LINX Predator Elite security solution features a truly integrated, multi-tasking, centralized system with unlimited expansion and scalability options.

    Access Control
    * Anti-passback
    * Vehicle control
    * Biometrics SCIF (Sensitive Compartmental Information Facility) control

    Intrusion Detection
    * Smart sensor support
    * Unlimited alarm rerouting
    * GIS-compliant graphical maps

    Process Control
    * Manual or automatic control
    * Logic-based processes

    Third-Party Devices
    * XML-compliant data interchange format
    * JXTA Technology P2P (Peer-to-Peer) protocol

    Badging System
    * Full life cycle badge management
    * Biometrics support
    * Dual-sided badges
    * Template editor

    Alarm Graphics Package
    * Import Virtually Any Graphics Format
    * Control/Monitoring via Custom Icons
    * Supports Unlimited Icons and Map Views

    Complete Video Control
    * Geo-correct camera call-up
    * Thermal imaging
    * Pre- and post-alarm capture