Product Profile
Schneider Electric Integrated Security Solutions

Schneider Electric Integrated Security Solutions

  • Supplier: Schneider Electric
  • Region: France
  • Updated: 2012/05/31
Product Specifications
  • * A single user-friendly dashboard decreases training time. Security personnel can rapidly learn to understand and operate the multiple security systems that are represented on this interface.
    * A shared infrastructure lowers installation and expansion costs and provides the platform for integrating not only security systems, but also other building management systems.
    * Integration enables security components to serve more than one function. A motion sensor that detects intrusion during unoccupied hours also can save energy by controlling lighting and temperature based on occupancy status.
    * An integrated system delivers highly effective security coverage, and efficiency and effectiveness in meeting customers' needs.
    * The security team has actionable information in the form of an audit trail that aids in proof of loss and ultimately in prosecution. The audit trail includes video records that law enforcement personnel may employ in visually identifying perpetrators.
    * Solutions are vendor-agnostic. Therefore, customers have a choice in the selection of the best-in-class security products that comprise their solutions..
    * Our integrated systems are delivered by one vendor, Schneider Electric. The company holds single-source responsibility for the entire system.