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CHF-650 Color Hands Free Video Intercom System
CHF-650 Color Hands Free Video Intercom System
  • Supplier: asmag
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 11/29/2006
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Product Specifications
  • The CHF-650 hands-free color intercom system has a day-night camera to accommodate any lighting environment. The doorbell camera operates in color during daylight and black-white in low-light conditions. Built-in infrared provides supplemental lighting to enhance night viewing. The CHF-650 safely identifies visitors; when the doorbell is rung, the system transmits live audio and video directly to the monitor. Users can enable intercom communication with one button. With built-in 32-picture memory, each picture is date and time stamped to show who was at the door even when users are not at home.

    Installation is quick and easy. The system supports a wide range of wires from CAT5 (24 AWG) to 18 AWG. Installers may also utilize wires from existing door chimes. The hands-free intercom is a non-expandable, one-to-one system with monitor, doorbell camera and power supply. It has two-wire simple installation (CAT5 to 18 AWG), 32-picture memory with date and time stamp, four-inch color LCD monitor and one-third inch color day-night CCD camera. Besides, the door phone is equipped with a weatherproof door-bell housing, built-in LED illumination for night viewing, adjustable speaker and chime volume, illuminated buttons on the monitor and doorbell, 92-degree view angle, door-status (open/closed) indicator and remote door release.

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