Product Profile
Spectrum 430 and 430-IP Digital Duplex Intercom System

Spectrum 430 and 430-IP Digital Duplex Intercom System

  • Supplier: Jeron Electronic Systems
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/10/16
Product Specifications
  • The compact central exchange is perfect for tight spaces and calls are non-blocking allowing multiple conversations to occur simultaneously. Minimal station wiring makes installation simple. The Spectrum system can be used in virtually any commercial, industrial, or institutional setting where there is a need for instant, clear communication.

    Versatile Wiring Options - communicates over copper, fiber or IP
    Access Control Management Systems – easily integrates with graphic touchscreens through HMI, PLCs or relays
    Non-Blocking Communication – simultaneous use of stations
    Threshold Monitoring – Sentinel Sound Detector technology automatically places an intercom call to a predetermined location in the event of a scream, a shout or a disturbance near the intercom station
    Mass Notification – flexible paging options in the event of an emergency