Product Profile
XID XS PRO-1000 Facial Recognition
XID XS PRO-1000 Facial Recognition
  • Supplier: XID Technologies
  • Region: Singapore
  • Updated: 07/03/2009
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Product Specifications
  • The XID XS PRO-1000 is a facial-recognition solution for access control, powered by the patented face synthesis technology from XID Technologies. With a centralized database, the flexible architecture allows for remote configurations, user administration, verification monitoring and event viewing. The face synthesis technology enables facial recognition to function in uncontrolled environments. From one 2D image, a multitude of images are automatically synthesized to enrich the reference information available for a facial-recognition engine, enhancing its performance.

    · Plug and play
    · Durable metallic casing
    ·  Accurate recognition in less than three seconds; enhanced by predictive algorithms
    ·  Convenient and hygienic with the tapping of a card and looking at a camera
    ·  Reports for print or export to Excel, MS Access, text or PDF files