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Continental Access CA3000 Software
Continental Access CA3000 Software
  • Supplier: Continental Access
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 04/29/2009
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Product Specifications
  • CA3000 software is access control software that provides a direct interface with individual analog and digital cameras and also interfaces with nearly unlimited numbers of analog, digital and IP cameras and DVRs/NVRs from multiple DVR and NVR suppliers. Features include: Triggering of pre and post recording, viewing of live and recorded video associated with an event, indication of recording on CA3000 event screen, one click viewing of recorded video from the CA3000 event screen and displaying motion triggered recoding as an alarm event on the event screen.

    The CardAccess 3000 software interface provides the ability to scan a person's driver license, passport and business card and automatically enroll the person into CardAccess 3000 software, print their badge, and provide precise visitor access privileges to specified areas.

    Track and report In and Out card reads for specific cardholders or groups of card holders. Establish work rules, adjust payroll hours (administrators), create reports and export to payroll processing companies.

    Users can setup priority alarms to be routed to an email or SMS service. This feature can be activated with a time schedule so you are only notified when you are away from the system.

    Enables users to easily capture employee images, add custom text and images, create custom card layouts and print ID cards or credentials with magnetic stripes, barcodes, smart chips and/or holographic images. Supports most common image capture devices. And, badge template designer features advanced WYSIWIG virtual badge viewer.

    Provides data exchange of badge and personnel data, export of time and attendance data, import-export of photos for an open exchange between ERP (Human Resources and Corp IT management) and other database systems, which support import/export (e.g. Oracle).