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Theia Technologies SY110 Lens
Theia Technologies SY110 Lens
  • Supplier: Theia Technologies
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 03/25/2009
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Product Specifications
  • Theia Technologies leveraged its patented Linear Optical Technology platform to develop the SY110 lens, which provides up to 120 degrees horizontal field of view (HFOV), without the barrel (fisheye) distortion found with all other wide angle lenses.

    The SY110 provides a nominal 110 degree HFOV with a 1/3-inch sensor and 120 degrees with a 1/2.5-inch sensor. In addition, the SY110 is IR corrected for use on day/night, as well as standard cameras, to focus crisply in both visible and infrared (IR) light. It is the widest, no distortion megapixel lens available on the market today able to capture high resolution images in both day and night without having to refocus the camera.

    Theia designed the SY110 to retain high quality, no-distortion image performance needed for multimegapixel cameras, yet brought the lens price to a level that allows use with standard and high resolution surveillance cameras.

    The lens comes with a CS mount, in both auto and manual iris versions.

    Key Features

    • Lenses: SY110A CS-mount DC-auto iris, SY110M CS-mount manual iris
    • Focal length: 1.67 mm
    • F/#:    F/1.8 to closed
    • Resolution: Multimegapixel
    • Distortion (H):     Less than 1 percent barrel (for 1/3-inch sensor)
    • Pan-focus distance: 10 cm to infinity