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Extreme CCTV Megapixel-IP Infrared Imager
Extreme CCTV Megapixel-IP Infrared Imager
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Product Specifications
  • The Extreme CCTV EX85 camera combines dual CMOS megapixel sensors, IP Infrared Imaging (I3) design and Black Diamond IR technology to deliver an advanced level of imaging performance available for today’s critical security applications.

    The EX85 delivers 3.1 million color pixels by day and 1.3 million monochrome pixels by night. Combined with Black Diamond infrared technology, the EX85 delivers up to 128 meters (420 feet) of high-fidelity evenly illuminated night vision. The EX85 incorporates Bit-Reduce technology which helps to stabilize networks by minimizing bandwidth requirements. The EX85 is housed in Extreme CCTV’s rugged outdoor enclosure, field-proven for reliability in the world's most challenging environments.