Product Profile
A.ZATY-80S Ex-proof Infrared Camera
A.ZATY-80S Ex-proof Infrared Camera
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Product Specifications
  • It consists of the ZAD500 infrared lamp,ZAF100A ex-proof housing(or other ex-proof housing),ZAY200 ex-proof pan/tilt,ZAJ300 ex-proof decoder(or other decoder),ZAZ100A heavy bracket, ex-proof flexible tube and camera.

    Product Parameter:

    Pressure: 80KPa~106KPa

    Input voltage: AC85~265V

    Current: 500 mA

    Ambient temperature: –40℃~+85℃

    Relative humidity: no more than 95%(+25℃)

    Ex-proof Marking: ExdⅡCT6(H2)


    Auto-heated: when it is<1℃(optional)

    Outer dimension: 420(L)mmX135(W)mmX160(H) mm

    Inner dimension: 305(L)mm X135(W)X70 (H) mm

    Weight: 43Kg

    Pan/Tilt load capability: 26Kg

    Speed: horizontal: 6°/S

    Vertical: 6°/S

    Rotation angle: horizontal: 0~360°(optional)

    Vertical: ±90°(optional)

    Preset: (optional)

    Infrared wave length: 850nm/940nm

    Casting distance: 30~100M