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ZAFC-001 Wind Cooling proof Camera Housing
ZAFC-001 Wind Cooling proof Camera Housing
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Product Specifications
  • Product Summary:

    That facility adopts double stainless steel, being fit for different CCD's cameras. The camera is fixed on the panel. All the link wires are totally situated in butt plate behind. Cooling compressed air going through the double layers leads to cooling. By means of compressed air, the preceding part forms a wind curtain to prevent the dust.

    Product Parameter:

    Ambient Temperature : ≤80℃

    Dust Concentration:≤200mg/ m3

    Compressed Air: Moisture :≤35℃

    Pressure :0.1-0.2Mpa

    Flow :0.3-0.6m3/min

    Cooling Water: Temperature :≤35℃

    Pressure :≥0.1Mpa

    Flow :≥0.3m3 /h

    Enclosure Protection: IP65

    Material: 304,316L,34#