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Intelligent Video Processor
Intelligent Video Processor
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Product Specifications
  • VT-IVP-6601 is an Intelligent Video Processor (IVP) developed and manufactured by Vistelli. Using advanced embedded DSP processing technology and enhanced video server architecture design, we are able to realize one channel real-time audio and video capturing and compression function. Remote viewing of the video does not require any third party software; instead you can view directly through Internet Explorer. It is simple and convenient. It supports dynamic IP address, making it easy for video and audio streaming through any network

    IVP uses embedded intelligent video processing algorithms to detect and analyse moving objects in the video. Once a moving object is detected, the intelligent video processing technology will separate the foreground from the background and segment out the moving object. It will then follow the pre-set algorithms to analyze and track moving object. Hence it is able to detect and decide if an abnormal event has happened, followed by a fast and efficient method to trigger an alarm to alert the security personnel. This greatly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the security personnel in emergency situation management.

    Product Features

    *Support single channel CIF/D1. Each channel support video of 30 f rames per second for NTSC and 25 f rames per second for PAL.

    *MPEG-4/H.264 Video compression standard; G.711 Audio compression standard.

    *Embedded Web Server supports Internet Explorer remote viewing, setting and upgrade.

    *Support secondary domain access; dynamic IP address; automatic ADSL connection

    *Support NTSC/PAL

    *Video Compression Bit R ate: 64Kbps -2Mbps, allow adjusting of frame rate at any time.

    *Support Snapshot.


    *Dynamic Object Detection (Set region of interest and sensitivity).

    *Pre-event recording 5 seconds - 30 seconds.

    *Post-event recording 30 seconds - 2 minutes.

    *Support Ethernet connection 10/100M.

    *Support RS485 interface and remote PTZ control.

    *Support multi-users viewing at the same time.

    *Support local hard disk recording through USB port and firmware upgrade through USB port.

    *Support SATA local hard disk recording.

    *Provide SDKs for software development.