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zaf102 EX-proof camera housing
zaf102 EX-proof camera housing
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Product Specifications
  • It can be applicable for the circumstances of volatile gas, such as hydrogen(H2)and hydrocarbon gas in the plants(except C2H2). Combined with ZAY200 Explosion-proof Pan and ZAJ300 Explosion-proof Decode Utensil.

    Produce Parameter :

    Atmospheric Pressure : 80KPa~106KPa

    Ambient Temperature : –20℃~+60℃

    Relative Humidity : No more than 95% (+25℃)

    Explosion-proof Sign: ExdⅡCT6 (H2)

    Enclosure Protection: IP65

    Material: 304/316l/45#

    Auto-heated: while it is <+4℃(Optional)

    inner Dimensions:295(L)X67(W)X50(H)

    Net Weight: 10Kgs

    There is a CCD's video camera inside, where the central altitude can be shifted.