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AOP-3504H Standalone DVR
AOP-3504H Standalone DVR
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Product Specifications
  • The AOP-3504H from Aopvision is a four-channel real-time standalone DVR with built-in 3.5-inch LCD. It supports CIF and HD1. Display resolution is 704 pixels by 576 pixels (PAL), 704 pixels by 480 pixels (NTSC); recording resolution is 704 pixels by 288 pixels or 352 pixels by 288 pixels (PAL) and 704 pixels by 240 pixels or 352 pixels by 240 pixels (NTSC).


    The DVR features H.264 compression, a DSP processor and support of a 500-gigabyte HDD with maximum 90-day recording capacity. The product comes with mouse control, IR controller and customized VGA port. The IE browser enables remote monitoring and playback. It features USB backup, network and alarm, while operating modes are able to be chosen(record, replay, preview, and backup to network).