Product Profile
Network-IP    CamVu 2000 Megapixel Camera
Network-IP CamVu 2000 Megapixel Camera
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Product Specifications
  • * Maximum resolution of 1600*1200  over 6 times the resolution of analog cameras

    * Reduced bandwidth and storage cost with MPEG-4 encoding

    * High resolution images can be recorded by NetVu Connected DV-IP RT and HighVu Excel products

    * C/CS Mount for high resolution/megapixel lens

    * MultiMode recording configured by NetVu Connected DVRs and servers

    * Non-alarm, alarm and static profiles supported in JPEG and MPEG-4

    * Support via NetVu ObserVer viewer software allows up to 800[[][[][[][[][[]%]]]]] zoom

    * Pre-Alarm recording via internal memory or expandable via SD Card slot

    * Power over Ethernet option

    * Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) support allows the CamVu 2000 to be paired with a Pan/Tilt housing

    * Images can be viewed over low bandwidth networks using MPEG-4 but captured in JPEG

    * Composite video output for local focusing of lens without PC