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Color Day/Night Intelligent-Video IP Camera
Color Day/Night Intelligent-Video IP Camera
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Product Specifications
  • * The all-in-one wdc100dn operates both as a stand-alone intelligent video camera or as part of an integrated network configuration * Ultra-wide dynamic range day/night IP camera * Built-in high-performance video analytics * Built-in HTML web server for access, configuration, and viewing through a network via a standard web browser * Enhanced with PIXIM technology for providing a crisp viewable image even in harsh lighting variations, backlight inundation, reflective glare, etc. * Hybrid support for both analog and IP network streaming MPEG-4 architectures includes audio, video and indication of the cause of an alarm with on screen display overlays * Provides two-way audio capabilities * On-alarm recording to any network PC for capturing important video, such as documenting shoplifting, employee theft, scrap metal theft, vandalism, staged insurance fraud, etc. * Supports remote field-deployment with easy configuration and software upgrades over a network * Self sustained edge device * Infrared cut filter: manual & automatic switching from day (color) to night (B&W) * Automatic white balance modes * Automatic gain control (AGC) * Automatic electronic shutter (AES) * Advanced back light compensation (BLC) * DC auto iris lens compatibility