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mini ptz speed dome ip camera
mini ptz speed dome ip camera
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  • 1.IP Constant Speed Dome uses MPEG-4 compression standards to compress and encode the video image, then sends out over the network by TCP/IP protocol. 2.Connected directly to Ethernet ( either 10 or 100M), it can carry out long-distance transmission. 3.built in one 10M/100M Ethernet interface(RJ-45), plug and play. 4.With the ability of image division and control of PTZ Speed-Dome. 5.built in WEB Server, enabling users to remotely view and/or manage the camera from a standard Web browser on any computer, anywhere, at any time. 6.several levels of password protection. 7.built in real-time operate system(RTOS),support software download and configuration. It is convenient for net camera updating and management. 8.Installation setting: indoor MPEG-4 image compression ADPCM Audio compression Built-in Web server, IE client support Max. 30fps image compression Max. 30fps image transmission D1, CIF, FIELD, QCIF Resolution Support DDNS Support Motion detection and watermark UP to 16motion detection zones. Support Motion detection and watermark, The motion detection feature will trigger still image capture and start record files and save record files in your computer . Support Watchdog Build-in Samsung 100P all-in-one camera with X10 Optical zoom, auto focus Lens 3.8°38mm , X10 digital Zoom TCP/IP, ARP, RARP, ICMP, DHCP, PPPOE,HTTP, SMTP, FTP protocol support Remote snap shot and video recording Free multi-screen management software. 64 cameras in one single window , or large center professional software ; Applicable indoor-outdoor installation Applicable in schools, banks, communications, posts and telecommunications, electric power system, video conference, high-class hotels, multinational enterprises, chain stores, home security etc.