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  • Multieye-Net Software and NVR solutions are scalable up to 32 cameras per server. The system works with network based video sources such as IP cameras and video encoders. Live monitoring, recording, playback and remote inquiry are a few of the extensive possibilities that Multieye-Net offers. The basic version supports the common IP cameras and video servers from a variety of manufacturers. This enables lightning-fast and uncomplicated camera integration. The latest version of Multieye-Net supports recording, playback and zoom of megapixel cameras. Recording, playback and zoom with megapixel cameras through Multieye-Net and obtain an image quality exceed analog cameras. With the integrated PTZ control, users can comfortably operate high-speed dome cameras by remote control. An eye on everything include the integrated remote server function enables users to call up live cameras or playback from other locations via ISDN, DSL, network, Internet or GSM/UMTS, depending on the communications distance involved. In case an alarm has been triggered or a camera fails, an e-mail or text message will be sent.