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    117 series HC DVR card is the first one in China to develop CIF video and audio realtime and synchronous coding in one chip with 8 channel.

    2This DVR card adopted with PHILIPS PNX 17?? series chip, its main frequency is twice of PNX15?? series chip.

    3Video converging and transitting chip of this series of DVR card is totally researched and developped by HighEasy, and has been registerred as patent.

    4Advanced motherboard-self-adapt technology is adopted in this series of DVR cards,it supports various chipset motherboards and display cards,it exerts the function of motherboard,and effectively reduces the trouble in ??ing motherboard.

    5The series of DVR cards are compatible with any kind of hard encoding cards manufactured by HighEasy. The SDK software is with good interface definition compatibility. To run the DVR, Human-machine performance software is need to replace the SDK file and ?? the driver program.

    6This series of DVR card have high cost-effectivity.

    7 Mostly 64 channels of encoding could be supported in one PC,in other words,4 pieces of 1716HS DVR cards or 8 pieces of 1708HC DVR cards are supported in one PC.

    Video Parameter

    Video Compressing standard


    Resolution of code

    PAL: 352⊙288CIF

    NTSC: 320⊙240CIF

    Video Input

    4/8/16 channel of complex analog video signal, NTSCPAL could be ??ed

    BNC socket1.0Vp-presitance75

    Video compression code rate

    20K°4M bps

    Type of video stream

    video stream/ complex stream

    video frame rate

    PAL1~25 frame/ secondNTSC1~30frame/ second

    Resolution of preview

    704⊙576horizontal line 500vertical line400

    Resolution of playback

    352⊙288horizontal line 270vertical line 250

    Audio parameter

    Audio Compression Standard


    Audio sampling frequency


    Audio Input

    4/8/2 channel audio input RCA socket

    Surrounding parameter

    Working Humidity


    Ambient temperature



    1704HC: 134.8⊙80.3mm2 1708HC: 99⊙170mm2 1716HS: 205⊙110mm2

    Power Consumption

    1704HC ?5W 1708HC ?6W 1716HS 12W

    Details of function

    Hardware Filter

    Multi-layer hardware filter and De-interlace functionto improve the image quality


    Time superposition,hardward character,LOGO superposition, and part mascaic shield are supported. On condition of gray OSD,self-adapt to adjust OSD character brightness according to background birghtness.

    Motion Detecting

    Multi-windows,multi-zone are supported, it takes nearly no resources of system,highly-sensitive

    Alarm function

    If video is lost, alarm on.


    Encrypt on board,Safety class up to meet finance requirement,unique identity card No. is supplied.

    Image capture

    Original image capture is supported, and store in JPG, BMP format

    Real time listen in

    Real time listen in function is supplied.

    Encoding function

    CBR/HBR working mode is supported. On HBR mode, code stream upper limit could be set,even the noise is bigger,the code stream could also be controlled.

    Dynamicly realtime adjust brightness,contrast and other video parameter.