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WK-BTR  super Mini DVR&amp?Famp?FButton camera(
WK-BTR super Mini DVR&?Famp?FButton camera(
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Product Specifications
  • The size of this Mini micro DVR Portable Pocket Video Recorder?F it comes with its own Button/Screw Camera that is powered by the micro DVR. For wearable video recording devices where the need for concealment is paramount and one can understand why this is the first choice of professional private investigators. Micro DVR has Professional high resolution recording capability. The display on the unit is 2.0" and has the time/date stamp on the screen. View playback on the unit itself or through your computer by using the included USB cable. Uses a mini SD card (not included) This unit has a power save function

    Dimension: 75mm (L) x 49mm (W) x 11.5mm (H)

    Mini DVR introduction

    Technical Spec:

    Dimension: 75mm (L) x 49mm (W) x 11.5mm (H)

    Display: 2 inch TFT-LCD

    Display Resolution: 64??240

    Image solution: 64??480, 32??240, 16??120

    Recording speed: NTSC: at 30fps?F PAL: at 25fps

    USB2.0 Slot

    Real-time stamp in recorded files

    Built-in Flash: 1GB/2GB and Extended Storage: Mini SD Card up to 4GB

    Power station to supply 5V cameras

    Video playing time: approx 4hours

    Video recording time: approx 2hours.

    Product features:

    1. Switch on modes:

    a) Switch on by Remote controller w/ a vibration alert?F

    b) Manual switch by holding power button for 3 seconds?F

    2. Switch off modes:

    a) Auto power off by pre-schedule in system settings

    b) Manual switch by holding power button for 3 seconds

    3. Straight-recording once power on.

    4. A vibration alert when power supply is insufficient and files are saved automatically when power off.

    5. Playback is played forward or backward 2/4/8 times quicker than normal speed and can be paused anytime during playing and replay from the where is paused.

    6. Video system: NTSC/PAL both available, AV out to TV

    7. Video can be saved in format of AVI by AV output from Camera/TV/DVD/VCD/VCR/DV.

    Audio can be saved in format of MPEG-3 by audio output from CD/FM/MIC

    8. Volume display when playing MP3/WMA

    9. Audio output can be output to earphone/TV/high power amplifier.

    10. System display includes storage mode/storage info/format/time adjust/auto power off/display/bright adjust/Rec resolution/language/default

    11. Battery specification: built-in rechargeable Lithium battery.

    12. Charger: by USB2.0 cable

    13. Side function bottom:

    a) push upward: lock the keyboard and work under ¨screen sleep〃 mode

    b) push back to middle: release the keyboard and active the screen.

    c) Push downward: cut off the power immediately

    Caution: it will cause a file saved incorrectly and unreadable simply by push downward the side function bottom.

    Camera introduction:

    Image Sensor:1/3—Cmos

    Signal System:NTSC/PAL

    Pixels Number:510(H) ⊙492(V)/628(H) ⊙582(V)

    Horizontal Resolution:380TV Lines

    Scanning Frequency:NTSC 15.734KHz(H)/59.94Hz(V)/PAL 15.625KHz(H)/50Hz(V)


    Scanning System: 2:1 Interlace

    Video Output:1.0Vp-p,75,Unbalanced

    Electronic Shutter:1/60°1/1500sec Auto(NTSC) 1/50°1/1500sec Auto(PAL)

    Gamma Correction:0.45

    S/N Ratio:40dB

    Minimum illumination:3.0/0.2Lux

    White Balance:Auto


    Supplied Voltage:DC 5V

    Power Consumption:90mA/0.81W(Max)

    Operating Temperature:-10~??50