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  • ATMeye - Comprehensive Video Security and Monitoring system

    Vendor-independent video security complex that enables video journal maintenance on self-service devices.


    As a cost-effective, integrative and reliable system ATMeye allows you to:

    - Increase the overall security of the self-service device network

    - Reduce the risk of frauds or physical damage made to ATMs

    - Reduce costs of overall security operation

    - Strengthen the image of the bank

    ATMeye consists of:

    ATMeye Core  basic offline ATMeye configuration that captures snapshots or video and stores them in video-archives on the ATM hard disk as JPEG or AVI format files.

    ATMeye Networking Client  separate service package which enables the on-line configuration of ATMeye i.e. remote downloading of created files through TCP/IP protocol or ProView monitoring system channels.

    ATMeye Server  provides the remote centralized management access to snapshots and video stored on ATMs.