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NCIE 4344G Board Card
NCIE 4344G Board Card
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Product Specifications
  • Full D1

    Video: *Preview resolution/*Replaying resolution: 704*576 (PAL),640*480 (NTSC),D1 resolution/per channel.

    *Frame rate: real-time 25-30f/s per channel.

    *Video input: 4channels video in


    *4 channels audio


    *Dedicated frame rate at 25-30fps per channel up to 16 channels

    *Same DSP solution as NCIE-4244G, 4 DSP used on board

    *Support dual-stream recording (D1 recording and CIF remote viewing).

    *Better replay resolution than NCIE-4244G

    *Supports D1, HD1, DCIF, CIF,

    *Supports windowsNT/XP/2000, linux

    * Hardware compression technology enables each channel to use up less than

    2% CPU resources

    *H.264 compression technology enables each video&audio recording file to use smaller HDD space