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CSVision Video Management System
CSVision Video Management System
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Product Specifications
  • a new generation of security and safety management software platform, released in Oct. 2007 by Beijing CSVision Technology CO., LTD. This platform focuses on the humanization and functionalism, thinks about and also perfectly answer the question ¨What to see / How to see〃 which has never been answered in a right way by the traditional security and safety software. CSVision V4.0 will bring you a new mode which is ¨Video serving for Business〃. More scaled data integration and higher efficiency of data-joint action will break the ice of ¨Image-Only〃 which was introduced by the traditional security and safety software, and makes it much more easier for you to implement a different scheme design and business deployment.

    More Simple Scheme Design

    More Professional Video Application

    More Efficient Data Scheduling

    More Completed System Maintenance

    More Open Data Integration

    Personalized Camera Management

    Professional Image Browsing

    Hi-Efficiency Video Playback

    Practical Joint Alarm

    Multiple Data Integration